Norton Commando Heavy Duty Engine Case

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In additional to our portfolio of Norton Commando barrels, we can now offer through Norton Commando engine crank cases. Molnar Precision LTD started with a set of Norton 850 Commando MK2 crankcases and created patterns to manufacture these cases. Attention was given to strengthen those areas where the original items were commonly known to be prone to breaking! Specific attention was also given to the top side of the timing case cavity and the upper areas of the drive side. These technologically enhanced engine cases are cast in fully heat treated LM25TF. Then they are machined on state of the art 5 axis machines to provide a product of enhanced quality that has not previously been available to the road racer or to the Norton enthusiast. These Norton Commando engine cases are designed as standard and in original 850 and 750 Commando specifications. A 1000 cc version is available but know that our 1000 cc is a unique build and requires specialty items such as our engine cases, our specialty crank, and specialty head. 

Our Norton Commando engine cases are sold in British Pounds Sterling at 980 GBP for the 850 and 750. Our 1000 engine case is offered at 1180 GBP. We also ship internationally and share our deep discounts with all of the major shipping services.