Norton Manx 2 Ring Piston for Post 1961 Engines

Norton Manx 2 Ring Piston for Post 1961 Engines

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For purchase is a 2 ring forged piston with appropriate height for Manx engines manufactured 1961 onwards. It is Manufactured from Molnar Precision LTD custom made forge tool. It is optimized for strength and light weight with a 7/8" pin. This piston assembly is 125g lighter than the 3 ring variant. 

Available to suit 86mm bore 500cc engines, or 76mm bore 350cc engines. For pistons to suit 81mm bore 350cc machines, or 79.62mm, 90mm and 95mm bore 500cc including 4 valve engines, contact us directly. Please note that there are no oversized pistons available for Manx engines. 

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