Pantah Rear Cylinder Head for 750cc and 500 cc Engines-Updated

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We are excited to announce the production of our Ducati Pantah Rear Cylinder heads that are currently being made for the 750 cc and 500 cc engines. I have two 750 heads on their way to my shop here in the US and one is sold already. However, the next batch is already in process and done to Andy Molnar's exacting specifications. Do stay tuned as we add additional sized rear Ducati cylinder heads to our portfolio. Please contact me with your questions and specifications. 

Replica Rear Cylinder Head for belt driven, air cooled, 2 valve Ducati Pantah`s and bikes using the Pantah engine. Using CMM equipment we measured an original cylinder head, and using this metrology report a CAD model was compiled. This has been used to create highly accurate, CNC machined patternwork. 

The Ducati Cylinder Head is cast in L169 Aluminium Alloy, before being milled on our state of the art 5 axis CNC machine. Inlet & exhaust ports have been designed using cutting edge Compuational Fluid Dynamics software by our engineers and are machined on the CNC to give optimum performance, maximum flow and consistency across all of our cylinder heads. 

Fitted with "Lead Free" valve seats and Colsibro valve guides. 

Available for 500cc or 750cc (squish type). A 2nd spark plug hole can be machined if required. We can also supply a pair of 1 piece forged valves, manufactured to much higher quality than other variants on the market and recommended by experts. 

We do ship internationally and will share all of our deep discounts with all of the major shipping services from the US or the UK.