Yamaha TR3 Fairing

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For purchase is a copy of the original Yamaha TR3 race fairing. We have provided measurements to assist you, the builder in an effort to ensure that our fairing will meet the requirements of your particular build. However, due to the curvatures and 3 dimensional shapes of fairings, measurements are approximate and should be used for guidance primarily. Understanding that fairings are fairly flexible, in most cases, please know that it is possible that the lower parts of a full fairing could be widened or narrowed from the widths given on our listing. Price before shipping is 135 GBP or $190 US. 

Measurements as illustrated in the diagram are as follows: Black dimensions A, B, C are widths in cm Red dimensions D, E, F, G are lengths in cm Blue dimensions H, I, J, K are heights in cm A = 35 B = 35 C = 35 D = 35 E = 85 F = 43 G = 45 H = 105 I = 5 J = 22. We do ship internationally and share our deep discounts with all of the major shipping services.